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Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people when they have had a problem with their laptop. Based in Bishopstone, just south of Aylesbury, we have a large car park so you can easily park off road while you come in and discuss your problem and ask us anything you would like to about your repair. We like to offer that face to face service that so many others neglect.

We take good care of your data. With any repair, the first thing we do is make a backup of your laptop. This ensures that your most important information is safely stored, just in case we have a problem! It is possible that we could be struck by lightning, incur a flood, power cut or have a fire. But with our policy of backing up your data, a priority, before any repair, we can do the best we can to make sure your data is safe.

Once we have made sure your data is safe, the next thing that we need to do is to make sure that all your hardware is up to standard and is not going to give you a further failure down the line. All our laptop repairs are put through a rigorous hardware test. These tests pay particular attention to RAM and Hard Disk reliability. Most of these tests are run overnight, although with some laptop repairs more time is needed.

We don't just stop with Hardware Diagnostics like many others. Any Laptop Repair that comes to us involves a full software diagnostic. We will scan you laptop for Virus and spyware infections and remove any that are found. We don't just stop with one Antivirus Product either. Our Virus and Spyware removal consists of running at least 5 different antivirus and antispyware products. This makes sure that any and all infections are found and dealt with. So when you receive your laptop back from its repair, it will work flawlessly. We even remove Toolbars that may spy on your surfing habits to bombard you with advertising!

But that's not all. As part of your Laptop Repairs, we will scan your computer for those unused programs that were installed when your laptop was new and have never been used. We call these Bloatware or Crapware. These may be demo programs or time limited trials. Mostly these programs just hog resources and cause your computer to run slower than its full potential. So as part of your laptop repair, we remove them!

And there's more. We analyse the programs that automatically start up when your computer starts. These are what cause your laptop to start up slowly. Which is just a waste of time. With all our repairs, we analyse these and remove them! Thus making your laptop start up faster.

Do you think we can do more with your laptop repairs? Well yes. To finish off our service, we give your laptop a nice clean. Making it look as good as it did when it was new. We remove stickers, glue, fingerprints and anything else we can with our industrial cleaning solutions.

If you think there is more we should do, then suggest it to us. We pride ourselves in putting the customer first. That's why our services (Crash-2000.com) are recommended by Bucks Trading Standards.

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Caring for your laptop

Your laptop, if looked after properly and serviced regularly, should last you many years. But there are some things you can do to keep it in it's optimum condition for longer. It is important to remember that your laptop components wil get hot. So despite it's name, don't use it on your lap. Unless of course you have it on a tray or other flat surface between you and the unit. But under no cicumstances put the unit on a cushion. Putting the unit of a cushion can block the important ventilation holes underneath and cause the unit to over heat. If a laptop over heats, you are highly likely to expereince data loss that cannot be recovered. Just think, you could lose all those photos you have taken or all of last years college / univeristy work.

Be careful of the software you install. Especially Codecs. Codecs are small programs which may give you a license to watch a particular film or movie clip. These are rapidly becoming the defacto way malware vendors are getting their infections out there. So if you need a special peice of software to watch a movie clip that someone has sent you, ask your self if you really need to see it. Or can you survive without seeing it.

Be aware of the websites you visit. You could visit a legitamate website that you have been to many times before. But, the owner may have not kept the site up to date and it may be infected with something that will get on to your computer. And, because you have gone to that website, your internet security product may consider it safe as you requested the page and therefore not check it for those little nasties.